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My first game


I did it!

I finally did it!

I've finished and released my first game!

I've lost count of how many times I tried to develop a game. I was stuck on a cycle of "it's not perfect right now" and "I should be rolling my own tech" only to throw away all my progress and starting anew, thinking it was going to be different for some non-apparent reason. A fool's errand I tell 'ya!

Well, you know... I didn't magically change my mind to "I have to finish a game".

It's something I had to work on, slowly. Realizing that I was squandering a lot of things like ideas, time, effort and motivation; placing them right on the waste bin because of my own hubris. Every next attempt was made in vain by me not noticing that.

I'd fall short if I told you how much I got to know myself by trying and failing to make a game. It was a really regrettable moment when I realized that the reason I couldn't move forwards was all because of me, and only me. Perfectionism, arrogance and lack of determination were a sour revelation.

I thought about all the things I did wrong up until that moment... If I had already failed, what was the point? Was I supposed to give up?

No. I wasn't going to let this let me down any more than it already had.

I'd like say I started right away working on games, but that wouldn't be the truth. I started working on myself, getting some good habits, correcting my flaws and performing a deep introspection, all at my own pace. To this day, I feel that I've placed myself on the right path, but I deviate from time to time, and that's ok, and "ok" is great, because I've learned to accept "not perfect" to carry on unto better things.

Little did I knew I was standing on the shoulder of giants, like:

Every single one of them helped me in different ways, but I want to thank them equally, because they've revealed to me where the path that I'm choosing to follow leads to. Thank you!

So, you know what's the best thing to do with your games?

Cherish and celebrate them by sharing them with the world!

It really is that great.